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Rick Perry delivers stirring speech in favor of Texas DREAM Act–but...

In an August 2001 speech given during a border summit, Gov. Rick Perry delivered a stirring endorsement of a law passed earlier that year with bipartisan support in the Texas Legislature:

Rick Perry walks a fine line on immigration

As the Republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry has walked both sides of the immigration line, at one point implementing a Texas-style Dream Act that some say was the model for the national act. On the other hand, he's also pushed for local police to have more authority to check on people's immigration status.

Undocumented youth come to Washington for a ‘DREAM graduation ceremony’

Almost 200 undocumented young people from across the U.S. gathered in the Russell Senate Office building in Washington, D.C., today to argue for the passage of the DREAM Act and a stay on the deportation of the people who might qualify for it if it becomes law.

Supporters of DREAM Act publish legal help guide for deportation proceedings

The record level of deportations being carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement includes an unknown number of immigrants who came to the U.S. at a young age, call this country home and are not aware that they are eligible for deferred action.

Latino GOP group calls foul on Kopp opposition to immigrant in-state...

Senator Minority Leader Mike Kopp is leading opposition to the so-called Asset legislation that would grant in-state university tuition to students who have attended at least three years of high school in Colorado but who are neither U.S. citizens nor legal residents of the country. The Littleton Republican wrote an op-ed for the Pueblo Chieftan last week making a case that drew fire from conservative Latino group Somos Republicans. In a release Friday, the group said Kopp was demonizing Colorado youth with preposterous arguments based on shoddy research.

VIDEO: Polis again urges Congress to act on immigration reform

Colorado Second District Congressman Jared Polis on Wednesday tried again to spur his colleagues to work to fix the nation's broken immigration system. A champion of comprehensive federal reform from the time he entered Congress in 2008, Polis said Americans everywhere and across the political spectrum are demanding change. He suggested that politics should no longer get in the way of action on what has become a divisive issue coast to coast. "This nation has over 15 million people who are here illegally, and yet I don't hear one word about comprehensive immigration reform," he said from the floor of the House.

In-state tuition for undocumented students moves forward

The bill offering in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants passed out of the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday under intense scrutiny by Republicans of bill sponsors' claims that undocumented alien students would not be subsidized by Colorado tax dollars.

Bill to grant in-state tuition to undocumented students is picking up...

A bill to allow undocumented high school graduates to pay in-state tuition may have enough votes to pass the Senate, says bill's sponsor.

Udall: GOP DREAM Act filibuster a divisive ‘political tool’

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall today had sharp words for Senate Republicans who derailed the DREAM Act, a bill that would create a path to citizenship for undocumented workers who come to the United States as minors.

DREAM Act activists, waiting on fateful Senate vote, rally at Bennet’s...

DENVER -- The House passed the DREAM Act last week, but the real fight is just beginning as the bill enters into the filibuster-friendly Senate.
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