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VIDEO: Montana Rep jumps shark, calls drunk driving laws ‘job killers’

Republican lawmakers have made opposition to industry regulation a top priority, repeatedly framing public health and safety laws as "nanny state" "job killers." On Wednesday, Montana Republican Congressman Alan Hale used the GOP anti-government "job killer" line to defend drunk driving. He argued that drunk driving laws were killing "small businesses" in his state-- small businesses like taverns that make money and "create jobs" by sometimes sending people off into the night bubbly in the head and weaving down Montana roadways. In his ridiculous insincerity, Hale made a satire of GOP politics that would have made Jon Stewart proud.

Kennedy ad: Unfolding Stapleton DUI story suggests lack of candor

Colorado Treasurer Cary Kennedy has released an ad calling into question her GOP opponent Walker Stapleton's fitness for office based on his 1999 arrest...

As treasurer race tightens, more Stapleton DUI details emerge

At 2:30 in the morning on a deeply sloping downtown street in San Francisco in 1999, Walker Stapleton, now GOP candidate for state treasurer, drove his SUV through a red light, smashing into a cab and sending it into a 360 degree whirl. He injured a passenger in the taxi and apparently one other person and was charged with driving under the influence and attempted hit and run or fleeing the scene of an accident.

Stapleton’s DUI ‘doo-doo sandwich’ gets sloppier to swallow

Progressive activist coalition Campaign for a Strong Colorado has dug into GOP candidate for treasurer Walker Stapleton's 1999 San Francisco DUI arrest and found...

GOP Candidate Cory Gardner hates and loves the nanny state

State Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, staked political ground in the far corner of the Republican-Libertarian right the last few years, voting against proposed tough...
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