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Udall pushes new renewable standard as part of last-ditch climate bill

In a last-ditch effort to salvage climate change legislation before the end of the year, the emphasis now is on a utility-only carbon cap...

Carbon king but clean-energy crusader Rogers inks MOU with Chinese utility

Efforts to capture carbon king (but global warming believer) Jim Rogers of Duke Energy -- the nation’s third largest power producer based in Charlotte,...

’60 Minutes’ clean-coal story sparks debate on enviro blogs

The CBS news mag “60 Minutes” aired an interesting primer on the debate over so-called "clean-coal technology" Sunday night, interviewing some of the heavy hitters in the industry and scientists calling for a moratorium on all new coal-fired power plants.

Supreme Court Rejects Colorado AG Suthers’ Argument

Twenty-three states filed legal briefs in the Duke Energy case before the U.S. Supreme Court decided yesterday by a unanimous court. Twenty-one states sided with...
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