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VIDEO: At Eagle Forum conference, right-wing members of Congress blast gay...

While the big religious right event in Washington, D.C., this weekend was Ralph Reed’s Faith & Freedom Conference, which drew a half-dozen presidential contenders, down the street, octogenarian religious right leader Phyllis Schlafly was hosting her own event for religious conservative college students. The Eagle Forum Collegians Summit, which featured a dozen members of Congress, was notable for a number of incendiary speeches given by those elected officials on the issue of gay marriage. The meeting was also attended by likely presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

Reporters (mostly) barred from Tea Party convention

The organizers of the National Tea Party Convention are not responding to reporters looking for basic logistical questions. Kevin Diaz explains that the convention,...

Fear of fascism, ‘gay agenda’ dominates conservative midterm elections kickoff

ST. LOUIS — Kitty Werthmann has made a career out of warning Americans that fascism is on its way. The 84-year-old native Austrian survived the Third Reich and, in her dotage as a leader of the South Dakota branch of the Eagle Forum, has recorded tapes and videos explaining just how Hitler took power. She made her case during George W. Bush’s presidency, but the audience was small–fringe conservative activists, radio hosts like Alex Jones. Then came President Obama. On Saturday, at the “How to Take Back America” conference here, Werthmann found herself speaking to an packed room of conservative activists about the parallels between the rise of Obama and the rise of Hitler.

Palin resignation excites her anti-abortion-movement fans

WASHINGTON — Debbie Joslin wasn’t happy to see Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announce her resignation. “I was disappointed that she wouldn’t be governor anymore,” the president of the Alaska branch of the conservative Eagle Forum and a longtime Republican activist said in an interview. “It’s hard to get things done now because of the 10-10 split between the parties in the State Senate. What she did was out of the box, and anybody else would be politically dead.” As some question Palin's decision, anti-abortion activists, who embraced Palin after the birth of Trig and after the unmarried pregnancy of Palin’s daughter Bristol, are ecstatic about the possibility that Palin, freed from the duties and turmoils of office, could become a historic leader and spokeswoman for their cause.
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