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Udall and Bennet issue Earth Day statements

U.S. Senator Mark Udall this morning issued this statement: “In 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson saw amid a burgeoning environmental movement a way to galvanize the entire country to preserve our cherished natural resources for generations to come. His legacy is Earth Day, which we celebrate today all across Colorado."

Your Earth Day for Kids propaganda moment

The Daily Show's Lewis Black deconstructs the oh-so-helpful advice on how to save the planet on Earth Day with solar-powered poop buckets and Elmo, the Glenn Beck of children's daytime television.

77 Cents To Each Man’s Dollar

It's Earth Day's 38th birthday. Happy Earth Day. Yesterday, April 22, also marked Equal Pay Day - the symbolic window of time marking how...

Earth Day, According to …

Is Earth Day literally on your calendar?At the age of 38, Earth Day is more popular than ever, but it still doesn't receive any...