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Credit Suisse and the collapse of the West’s most posh ski...

A March 5 article in Bloomberg Markets Magazine paints a picture of wild excess in the high-end mountain resort development game, starting with the recent failure of Tamarack Resort in Idaho, the bankruptcy of the private Yellowstone Club in Montana and ending with Florida’s Bobby Ginn.

Colorado woos California businesses like ‘pitiless gigolo’

From the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp comes a Valentine's lesson for lawmakers: let your state fall into repeated budget deficit crises and extended political gridlock and you can expect unwanted suitors to circle your taxpaying job-making businesses like pitiless gigolos.

Science-friendly White House could mean big bucks for Colorado

The Economist writes in Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the Earth that President-elect Barack Obama's appointments of prominent scientists to key agencies and advisory councils signals a decisive shift in public policy and political decision-making by the new chief executive in contrast to his predecessor. With Colorado ranking third in the nation on the Milken Institute's Technology and Science Index — a measure of state human capital and intellectual property assets that can be leveraged for economic development — Obama's nerdy spheres of influence could reap big rewards for the Centennial State.

The Battle for Battle Mountain

The fate of a high-dollar, private ski-and-golf resort adjacent to Vail is now largely in hands of voters. Tucked away in a narrow valley between...

Rifle Booms Under Record Housing Starts, Construction Projects

Go anywhere in Rifle within a three-mile radius of downtown and you'll find a construction project in progress. Because of the oil and gas...
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