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New pipeline bodes well for gas industry; Penry pounds drilling regs

The Denver metro area had T-REX, a massive, $1.67 billion freeway and mass transit expansion that sort of eased traffic congestion. Now the natural...

Tweet of the Week: Colorado leads nation out of recession

tweet-recession When do economists predict this good news will happen in the Centennial State? Look below the fold.

Gannett to staff: Take weeklong unpaid furlough to save company

And the print media drumbeat continues... The Gannett Blog, an unofficial online watering hole for Gannett Co. news employees, reports that a company-wide memo informed its staff today of mandatory, one week unpaid furloughs during the current quarter. This news comes after the firm slashed more than 3,400 jobs last year with nearly two-thirds of the cuts occurring in pre-holiday December.

Colorado Springs looks to cash in on ads on city property

Colorado Springs has announced a plan to sell advertising on city property to try to cash in on $5 million a year. Imagine: Mountain Dew, doing the Dew to the early morning foliage at Garden of the Gods. Qwest, adding adventure to your Sunday morning bike trek through North Cheyenne Canyon. It’s not the first time that the marketing brains have tried something like this out in Colorado’s second largest city. Back in the mid-1990s the city’s largest school district became the first in the nation to sell ads, including in schools and on the side of buses, to raise cash.

Westword cuts staffers, pay amid ‘roughest stretch we’ve ever seen’

The layoffs and cutbacks keep coming. After exhaustively reporting on the impending sale -- and possible shutdown -- of the Rocky Mountain News last month, Denver's alternative weekly Westword turns a spotlight on itself, writing in blog posts that three staffers were laid off Monday and top brass at parent company Village Voice Media (VVM) are taking 10 percent to 15 percent pay cuts.
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