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In Colorado Springs, Mike Pence responds to Charlotte and Tulsa protests...

  COLORADO SPRINGS — As protests continue in North Carolina and Oklahoma following two separate officer-involved shootings of black men, vice presidential candidate Mike Pence...

Musgrave-Markey spat raises question: Are campaign lies a crime?

In Colorado, recklessly making false statements about candidates who are running for public office is a criminal offense. But, years after the strict sanctions were adopted, no one has gone to jail for knowingly lying about their political enemies — indeed many say that making such a case stick would be nearly impossible.

No Criminal Charges Against Trailhead

It's been more than three months since 4th Judicial District Attorney John Newsome said a decision was nearly at hand as to whether he...

Blacks, Latinos Snubbed Over Lamborn No-Show

The largest coalition of African Americans and Latinos in El Paso County is feeling snubbed by congressional GOP candidate Doug Lamborn's refusal to appear...

Trailhead Plants Political Minefield for DA Newsome

Criticism over potential criminal charges that could be filed against Trailhead Group director Alan Philp in El Paso County for false ads attacking a Democrat are premature — and has resulted in a sharp rebuke from District Attorney John Newsome, who has entered a potential political minefield.

Morse Ads Spark Criminal Inquiry

One Colorado Springs radio station has yanked a Trailhead Group-sponsored ad and the 4th Judicial District Attorney is investigating whether the Denver-based 527 organization has broken state law that prohibits false statements about political candidates.

Morse Demands Halt to Trailhead Attacks

Crying foul over false content, the John Morse for Senate campaign is demanding that Trailhead Group-sponsored radio spots attacking him as "incompetent" be pulled off the air.

Trailhead Shoots Wild in Senate 11

The Trailhead Group has fired a wild potshot at Democrat John Morse, who is running in Colorado Springs' Senate District 11 against incumbent Ed Jones in one of the top targeted races in Colorado this year.
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