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#Coleg Notebook: Rural development death by political cuts

Rural development conundrum in the pipes:  Despite early support and positive reviews, Vail Democrat Sen. Kerry Donovan's rural development bill went down with little comment from...

Listen up, America: 12 lessons from Colorado’s first year of legal...

We've hounded the experts while on holiday to bring you an invaluable list drawn from the nation's latest greatest experiment in permissibility: Here's a dozen Colorado-legalized-it...

ICYMI: MoDo’s bad trip, the billboard version

The ad refers to a column Dowd wrote about buying a pot-laced candy bar in Denver, taking a few large bites and descending into full Willy-Wonka freak out, lying in her hotel and turning extra-conscious mental pirouettes for hours.

Special regulation for weed edibles, but not for experimental uranium mining

Notes from the penultimate day of the 2014 legislative session

Bills passing fast; guvs drop by to honor ‘Johnny Van’

There were fistfights on the floor. One lawmaker brought a gun. Another crawled into the gallery so he wouldn't lose control of his bill… There was none of that when Johnny Van took over."
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