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Colorado politicians eulogize Kennedy

The tributes are pouring in to U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who died late Tuesday night at age 77 at his home...

UPDATED: Sens. Kennedy, Byrd collapse at inaugural luncheon

ABC News anchors are reporting on air they have confirmed rumors that Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy was taken from the inaugural luncheon after suffering convulsions and collapsing. Kennedy, 76, has been undergoing treatment for a malignant brain tumor. West Virginia Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, 91, also reportedly fell ill and was escorted from the luncheon.

Kennedy leaves Judiciary panel to make health care reform priority

In another sign that Democrats are deadly serious about the sweeping health care reforms that former Sen. Tom Daschle announced Friday, Sen. Ted Kennedy announced the same day he is stepping down from a ranking seat on the Judiciary Committee to devote his full energies to bringing about universal health care. Daschle kicked off the Obama administration's drive to bring meaningful health reform" to all Americans at a conference in Denver Friday.

Political Endorsements Hold Little Sway With Public, Study Finds

Despite the media fuss over the endorsement of a presidential candidate by political, religious and pop culture leaders, a new study finds that the...
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