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Balink, GOP-backed student voter disenfranchisement rages anew

An ominous-sounding letter that El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Bob Balink sent to a journalism student at Colorado College has reignited a three-week old controversy over his past erroneous assertion that out-of-state college students are not eligible to vote in Colorado.

Lawmaker calls out El Paso Clerk Balink for ’12-point strategy’ on...

El Paso County is Colorado’s most-populated county. It’s also, undeniably, a GOP stronghold with a rich legacy of political hijinks and shenanigans — usually inspired by Republicans. And that leaves plenty of progressives leery that, come Election Day, Clerk and Recorder Bob Balink will do everything he can to make it difficult, or at least unpleasant, for non-Republicans to vote. Which leads us to Democrat state Sen. John Morse's claims of Balink's 12-point strategy to suppress the vote.

Peevish Attack Underscores Election Woes

The notice, sent out by the El Paso County election office, was downright peevish. "In a last minute decision the City of Colorado Springs notified...

Election Chief Resigns After Budget Whacked

The official in charge of coordinating the 2008 election in Colorado's most populous county has resigned, citing, among other frustrations, the slashing of next...

Bob Balink Wants To Know: “Where’s the Outrage?”

El Paso County Clerk & Recorder Bob Balink is poised to start a "New American Revolution" of sorts, with demands, published couresty of taxpayers,...
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