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More than 300 voters purged by Coffman cast provisional ballots

Remember all those voters purged from the rolls by Secretary of State Mike Coffman, many in defiance of a federal court order? Coffman maintained he was well within the law, merely removing voters who had died, moved or filed duplicate registrations, but U.S. District Court Judge John Kane blasted the "obdurate" Coffman at an emergency hearing called four days before the election when reports surfaced that voters were still being purged after an earlier settlement ordered a halt.

Why a misinformed election worker kicked me out of the polls

Colorado voters had a relatively smooth ride in the polling places on Tuesday. But not so for this reporter. I was ejected from a Ruby Hill voting site in Denver, with one election worker threatening to call the police. Why? Because I was trying to do my job.

Flecks of dust are Boulder County’s hanging chad

The counting has been slow going in Boulder County due to an odd snafu — dusty ballots streaking optical scan machine lenses resulting in erroneous vote tabulations.

Nearly purged from rolls over check box, a first-time voter casts...

Dan Aschenbrenner exited the Godsman Elementary School polling place in Denver yesterday afternoon with surprisingly serene smile on his face. The 48-year-old had just cast his first ballot — ever. But it was a long, bumpy ride to get there.

Updated: Police officers ID-ing voters in Greeley

Law enforcement officers in Greeley are inappropriately checking ID at a polling place near the University of North Colorado. Sheriffs and police officers are also stationed at two other polling locations in the area.

Latino voters leave Weld County polls without voting, say election advocates

Reports are streaming out of Weld County that Hispanic voters are leaving polling places without voting because voter information, including ballots, had not been translated into Spanish and because of a lack of translators available at polling places.

Election Day problems? Report them here

We're tracking and reporting polling problems throughout Colorado. Having difficulty casting a ballot? Encountering long lines? Let us know.

Obama lawyers defend ‘vote fraud’ efforts

As Republican charges of “fraud” and Democratic claims of “voter suppression” have escalated in the home stretch of the presidential campaign, liberal activists have started blasting Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign’s “voter protection effort” for not doing enough to ensure that all Democratic votes will get counted on Election Day.

Voting on Election Day in Colorado? Here’s what you need to...

It will likely take planning, preparation and perseverance to get through the longest ballot in Colorado history amid unprecedented turnout for the historic 2008 election. Even though more than half of the state's active voters have already cast a ballot, it all comes down to Election Day, when as many as one million Colorado residents will trek to their local polling place and exercise their right to vote.

Election Day resources for voters

Having trouble at the polls? Election experts are standing-by to help. Click on the images to directly connect to election checklists, polling place finders, voter guides, legal assistance and poll video sites.
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