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Senate works to keep military bases open; House to employ veterans

Notes from the 99th day of the 2014 legislative session.

House passes budget; Senate passes recall election reform and voter fraud...

Notes from the 80th day of the 2014 legislative session

Election reform all the way down

Recall by mail gets initial approval in Senate The Senate took up SB 158 today, a bill to bring recall election law into concordance with...

Recall election reform bill passes first committee on party-line vote

  DENVER — After nearly five hours of debate on Friday, a bill to reform recall elections by making it possible to use mail-in ballots passed...

Controversial recall election reform introduced; Senate debates alternative care coverage while...

Notes from the 69th day of the 2014 legislative session.

Election bill sets stage for Senate theater

It's a fairly technical election-administration bill, but in Colorado election administration has become almost as politically charged a topic as gun rights.

Election-year push for election-law timeout likely doomed

Colorado's election reform law needs tuning up. A plan to put it on blocks for two years made by GOP candidates in tough election races this year is probably not going to fly.

Report: Voter ID requirements are part of a coordinated effort to...

Voter photo identification proposals in 32 states, including Colorado, are the product of a coordinated effort by conservatives to reduce polling place turnout by minority groups, who turned out in unprecedented numbers during the 2008 presidential election, a progressive civil rights organization alleges in a new report.

IREA election spending: ‘Outrageous’ or ‘normal political fight’?

The first thing former school principal Mike Galvin said he’ll do if elected to the board of Intermountain Rural Electric Association, the state’s largest energy co-op, is enact sweeping reform of the election process itself.
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