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Election obsession: When one poll isn’t enough…

Last week, my crystal ball predicted an Obama victory, but if you'd like to follow the polls and make up your own mind, this revolution of the intertubes makes it ridiculously easy. From the possibility of a presidential landslide to a filibuster-proof Senate majority and on down to Congressional pickups, election nerds can track this year's race like never before.

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Colorado only remaining toss-up state, Hotline says

Colorado's nine electoral votes are the only ones in the nation not leaning toward either Barack Obama or John McCain, according to an Electoral College projection Friday by the National Journal's Hotline that shows Obama approaching a landslide victory. The political digest's projection puts Obama at 349 electoral votes vs. 180 for McCain, a shift of 36 in Obama's direction since earlier this week. A nominee requires 270 votes to win the presidency.

Colorado “ground zero” for 2008 election

Barack Obama's campaign manager told Colorado journalists the state could make the difference in the November election. "Colorado is ground zero in the presidential campaign," Plouffe said in a conference call Thursday, according to the Pueblo Chieftan. "It's one of the three Western states, along with New Mexico and Nevada — and I'd even add Montana to that list now — that we can win."

Electoral vote analysis pegs Colorado as ‘true toss-up’

The Atlantic's weekly electoral map just out includes Colorado among three true toss-up states. Barack Obama holds a slim lead nationwide in the analysis, showing 216 Electoral College votes against John McCain's 200, considering slam-dunks and leaners, out of 270 required to take the White House.
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