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Elizabeth Warren, Colorado and a golden retriever

  Elizabeth Warren is coming to Colorado Friday to campaign -- and raise money - for Mark Udall. Liberals love her, and Colorado Republicans have...

Wiretap: USA endures DC gas bags; Colorado caps methane

National Journal Poll: Americans (still) hate their representatives. The president has slipped to 38 percent approval, from 52 percent just after he was elected. He can't begin to compete with Congress, which has an approval rating of 9.

Wiretap: Oklahoma can do it. Colorado can’t.

The Koch think tanks, with no irony, say throwing money at education doesn't work. Well, in reddest of red states Oklahoma, they've thrown a lot of money at kindergarten and preschool and home visits before preschool and it seems to be working.

Right paints Occupy movement as menace, ties movement to Democrats

The Campaign to Defeat Obama, a political action committee with ties to the Republican Party and the Tea Party Express, has launched a campaign linking Democratic Party lawmakers and President Obama to the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is depicted by the organization as "violent mobs."

Questions linger on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau leadership

This morning, President Barack Obama plans to officially announce that Elizabeth Warren — Harvard Law professor and the current head of the Congressional Oversight Panel over the Troubled Asset Relief Program — will head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.... sort of.

Plan for a Consumer Financial Protection Agency falters in Senate

WASHINGTON-- The White House wants it. Senate leaders support it. The House has already passed it. And, in the wake of the worst financial upheaval since the Great Depression, many consumer groups and state regulators say it’s vital if the country is to avoid another economic collapse. Yet the proposal to create a new consumer financial protection agency is, for all practical purposes, dead on arrival in the Senate. Just call it the public option of the finance reform debate.
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