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Wiretap: Snow-free olympics, out footballers, contraception confusion

The scandal is that, if the climate change people are right, we may soon run out of places to hold the Winter Olympics.

Ideology Trumped Science in Weld County Contraception Decision

When Weld County commissioners decided to stop providing emergency contraception to county patients, concerns rooted in anti-abortion politics trumped scientific facts and testimony provided by the county’s medical chief, according to documents obtained by The Colorado Independent.

Weld County Vote Against Emergency Contraception Leaves Patients Looking Elsewhere

A controversial and unreported move by the Board of Weld County Commissioners to stop dispensing emergency contraception has forced low-income county health department patients to seek the drugs at the scant number of non-profit clinics in the area.

Personhood goes to Washington

Kristi Burton, the tireless force behind Colorado's Amendment 48, was the toast of the nation's antiabortion elite at the American Life League annual conference Friday. So much so that they even swiped the ballot measure's "personhood" moniker as the confab's title.

Midnight Regulations: Nearing the Bush Administration’s end game

As late as Friday, the Bush administration was still implementing midnight regulations -- and we're still bird-dogging them. Today's update includes two additions to our chart and a decision from the Environmental Protection Agency that concerns a rule on a contaminant found in drinking water.

HHS reproductive health ‘conscience clause’ pushback presses forward

Lawmakers and reproductive health advocates are in full court press to repeal an 11th-hour Bush Administration rule that threatens women’s health care set to go into effect Tuesday — hours before President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration.

DeGette, Senate majority leader team up to reduce unintended pregnancies, abortions

Following on U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette's push to repeal the controversial healthcare worker "conscience clause" rule being rushed through by the Bush Administration, the Denver Democrat is pairing up with a big political gun and abortion foe, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), to promote women's reproductive care in a rare common ground approach.

State AGs may band together over ‘conscience clause,’ but not Colorado

Expanding on Mike Lillis' story today on Capitol Hill Democrats' attempts to repeal the 11th hour Bush Administration "conscience clause" rule that threatens women's reproductive health care, 13 states are planning a federal court challenge should political remedies fail.

Colorado: The Rockies’ Ugly Step-Child of Contraception Access

It's not often that Colorado is considered a less progressive state than its wild and woolley neighbor to the north, Wyoming. On the matter...

Colorado Ranks Low in Contraception Access

Trotting out the pejorative "Colobama" to describe Colorado's poor ranking on some quality of life yardstick generally evokes snickers of derision until one realizes...
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