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What’s on tap for the last week of the 2017 legislative...

It’s called sine die, pronounced see-NAY dee-AY. It translates loosely to “on this day and no more.” On Wednesday, the General Assembly is expected to...

Republicans blowing up military’s plans for alternative energy; Democrats fighting back

The fight over America's energy policy has a new battleground: the Department of Defense budget.

Obama administration challenges oil, gas companies to drill already leased lands

Oil and gas companies are tapping only about 28 percent of federal offshore sea floor they have leased and 56 percent of the onshore land they’ve leased is also sitting idle, the Interior Department said Tuesday.

Colorado’s Muslim community supports greater freedom, human rights in Middle East,...

Members of Colorado’s relatively small Muslim community are intently watching the rising tide of unrest in North Africa and the Middle East, according to the head of the Colorado Muslim Society, and are very supportive of changes that lead to greater freedom throughout the Arab world.

Where wilderness is concerned, the Buck apparently stops in Weld County

Weld County district attorney and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck sat down with former Colorado Independent reporter Ernest Luning (now with the Colorado...

Hickenlooper, McInnis face off at energy policy forum

DENVER-- Candidates for governor Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republican Scott McInnis faced off on energy policy at the Denver Athletic Club Tuesday before a crowd of roughly 250 oil and gas executives and environmentalists. McInnis came out strong against recent regulations on the industry, which he again argued cost the state jobs, as he has argued countless times over the past year. Hickenlooper said regulations could certainly be tweaked but he argued they played a minimal role in industry unemployment in the state.

Perlmutter calls Ritter decision ‘nightmare for Republican Party’

U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, mentioned early and often as a potential Democratic replacement for Gov. Bill Ritter -- who announced Wednesday morning he won't...

Losing at the polls can cause shrinkage in Republicans, study concludes

Testosterone levels in men have much less to do with driving a Hummer versus a Prius and a lot more to do with how...

Penry already breaking campaign pledges, says former State Senate opponent

When Democrat Dana Baker got Republican Josh Penry to sign a pledge in 2006 to serve out a full four-year term if elected, the "idea behind that was no one would be seeking another office or other work or other endeavors during that time, that we intended to serve out the term of that office." While Penry, now State Senate minority leader, isn't resigning, he's running for governor.