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Natural gas now a major player in any federal energy bill

Less than two hours after President Obama suggested in a post-midterm press conference that Republicans and Democrats could find common ground on proposals to develop the country’s natural gas resources, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune underscored environmentalists’ love-hate relationship with the fossil fuel. He said gas, abundantly available in Colorado, isn't he cleanest form of energy -- but it's a lot cleaner than coal.

Reid gives up on watered down energy bill before break

A day after federal officials estimated BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill set the worst kind of record by pumping nearly 5 million barrels of...

Colorado conservation groups push Congress for tougher drilling regs

As Congress wrangles over what’s left of meaningful energy policy reform before the August recess, Colorado’s conservation community is watching closely to make sure onshore oil and gas drilling gets as much attention as the offshore drilling that led to BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster.
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