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Dispatch from inside the silo: RedState chides GOP lawmakers for ‘cycle...

Americans have endured with disgust a year of historic partisan gridlock in Washington, where the Republican-controlled House clashed with President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Senate on matters of economic policy, debt reduction, taxes, abortion and the environment. Poll after poll reports that citizens hate the ideological bickering and posturing which, in addition to failing to address their concerns, saw the U.S. lose its elite 70-year-old AAA credit rating. The only solution, according to National TeaParty blog RedState, is to demand Republican members of the House become even more intransigent and ideologically driven.

Romanoff announces Q1 campaign total: $386,000

U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff at last announced his fundraising totals for the first quarter. An anonymous Colorado Statesman reporter posting at blogsite Colorado...

Norton dipping deep into war chest to fend off primary challengers

The National Journal reports today that Jane Norton has already spent $243,000 on TV ads and that a lot of that has been spent...
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