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Senate considering amendment that would eliminate ethanol subsidy

The U.S. Senate may vote as early as today on an amendment that would eliminate one of the major government subsidies for the production of corn-based ethanol.

Harkin pushes hard for biofuels in electric, natural gas vehicle bill

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), in a floor speech Monday, called for expanding electric and natural gas vehicles legislation slated to come up for a...

Recession reality written into climate bill amendment

The American Clean Energy and Security Act presently being debated in Washington seeks to lower green-house gas emissions and promote alternative energy. GOP detractors...

Embattled ethanol industry gathers in Denver, plans to woo oil companies

Clean-burning fuel made from corn! Ethanol, a once-sparkly futuristic product, now conjures visions of doomed dot-matrix printers, music cds and newspapers! Which is why nearly 2000 members of the ethanol industry have assembled this week in Denver.

Colorado’s recession-minded D.C. reps embrace ethanol

Obama-era economic policy so far has not prominently featured the nation's farm country. That's changing. Policy being weighed now in Washington concerning ethanol will have a major impact in states like Colorado, home to Yuma County, one of the most efficient corn-growing regions in the country and a major producer of the biofuel. As debate over ethanol heats up, the path the Obama Administration is steering looks to be exactly the kind of middle-way, practical political tack that chagrins progressives, in this case energy analysts and environmentalists who want to see the country take bold steps and begin to lead the world in green technology and climate change.

House Democrats battle new emissions standards… again

Even as some House Democrats moved closer last week to installing first-of-a-kind limits on the carbon emissions blamed for global warming, others are in a full-court press to kill a separate White House effort to curb those same greenhouse gasses.

GOP platform calls for end to ethanol mandate

A dispatch from our Iowa Independent colleague Jason Hancock with huge implications for Colorado's renewable energy economy — ed. Republicans unanimously passed a platform on Monday that calls for the federal government to end a mandate that gasoline contain a set amount of ethanol, but Iowa Republicans say they oppose the proposal.

Ethanol: It’s What’s For Dinner!

The US Department of Agriculture announced today that it has discovered a way to use an edible by-product from corn-based ethanol production, to make...
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