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Video: Perry’s call to prayer: A not-great presidential campaign commercial

Election politics analysts have been watching for signs that Texas Governor Rick Perry will jump into the GOP presidential primary. Some have argued he could replace Mitt Romney as clear frontrunner. Perry has good hair and is charismatic, like Romney, but he has never even lightly endorsed gay rights and will not have to defend an indefensible effort to socialize health care. On August 6th Perry is hosting a big right-wing evangelical Christian prayerfest in Texas. That might win him the write-in vote in the evangelical Iowa presidential caucuses even if he doesn't declare himself as a candidate, but to non-evangelical America-- the America beyond Republican Iowa and Focus-on-the-Family Colorado Springs-- this event might permanently disqualify Perry for national office. It marks him as a magical-thinking provincial governor who believes Jesus concerns himself with solving problems like the debt ceiling.