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Littwin: Obama moves the ball on immigration, demands Congress pass a...

IF you watched the Obama immigration speech or even if you didn't, it comes down to the same thing. The speech was stirring. Or it...

Rep. Lamborn surveys constituents on coming Obama immigration action

Congressman Doug Lamborn represents Colorado's deep-red 5th district centered around Colorado Springs. He is Colorado's member of what conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer once derided...

Hickenlooper lifts burn ban as milder weather cools off wildfire-ravaged Colorado

Gov. John Hickenlooper lifted a statewide fire ban Sunday, saying recent rainfall and milder weather have brought relief to all 64 Colorado counties but he noted local fire restrictions may still be in effect.

Transcript: Obama shakes up stalled immigration policy

President Obama's announcement in the White House Rose Garden today that he was shifting U.S. immigration policy through executive order effective immediately brought howls from anti-illegal immigration Republicans, who suggested Obama was trampling the power of Congress to make laws. Iowa U.S. Rep. Steve King said he planned to sue the president. The transcript of the announcement released by the White House includes interruptions made by an attendee at the event determined to voice the view that Obama was "importing" immigrants who would take jobs from American citizens.

In blasting Obama recess appointments, Focus on the Family site turns...

CitizenLink, the Focus on the Family Christian news site based in Colorado Springs, weighed in Thursday on the latest political controversy winging out of Washington. The site reported that, in using "recess appointments" to fill three seats on the National Labor Relations Board and to place Richard Cordray as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, President Obama had "stepped over a line and into history." The CitizenLink reporter then turned to Georg W. Bush justice department attorney John Yoo, the author of the notorious 2002 War on Terror "torture memos," to support the argument that the nation was witnessing a major unconstitutional power grab.

Hickenlooper issues emergency disaster declaration for Indian Gulch wildfire

Gov. John Hickenlooper today issued an emergency disaster declaration for the Indian Gulch Fire in Jefferson County, authorizing $1.5 million in state funding to help pay firefighting costs. The executive order also directs the state to seek federal funds if needed to fight the tenacious wind-blown wildfire near Golden.

Udall urges legislative route to DADT repeal

Colorado's U.S. Sen. Mark Udall urged members of the Senate to pass-- or at very least to agree to debate-- the nation's Defense Authorization bill, which includes an amendment that would repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell rule barring gays from serving openly in the military. Udall, a champion of DADT repeal, is so far not endorsing the so-called Truman option, where Pres. Obama would issue an executive order repealing the controversial policy the way Pres. Harry Truman in 1948 by executive order repealed rules racially segregating the military after a similarly drawn-out legislative battle.

Former Sen. Hart, climate experts urge ‘aggressive’ action by Obama

Former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart, now a Wirth Chair professor at the University of Colorado-Denver, is part of a group of climate change policy experts urging President Barack Obama to act aggressively on the issue in the wake of the U.S. Senate giving up on passing a comprehensive climate change bill this session.

Ritter’s office rejects McInnis call to ‘de-unionize’ state workers

DENVER - Speaking at a conservative confab over the weekend, gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis renewed his calls to end a 2007 executive order signed by Gov. Bill Ritter allowing state workers to form employee partnerships.

Hickenlooper would retain Ritter order on state employee partnerships

Denver Mayor and candidate for governor John Hickenlooper plans to retain Gov. Bill Ritter's executive order authorizing state-employee partnerships, or lesser-grade labor unions, at least for now, his campaign told the Colorado independent Wednesday. "We believe it makes sense to leave the order in place and to ensure that it is followed while it is evaluated," George Merritt, spokesperson for the campaign said.
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