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Immigration debate tinged by racism, Latinos charge

Immigration is an important issue in the United States, but is it something the GOP nomination for president should hinge on? Is there a reason that as unauthorized immigration from Mexico to the U.S. steadily declines, the rhetoric becomes ever more charged?

Conservatives denounce new deportation policy as ‘backdoor amnesty’

Republicans and immigration enforcement hawks are denouncing the Obama administration’s newly announced policy of selective deportation. The policy would have the government evaluate each person currently in deportation proceedings on a case-by-case basis using multiple criteria which were outlined in a memo issued by ICE director John Morton in June. Many undocumented immigrants without criminal records would be allowed to indefinitely stay in the United States and apply for work permits.

States passing or considering harsh immigration laws all look one place...

Pretty much wherever you find efforts to tighten immigration laws in the United States, you find John Tanton--or more likely these days, one of the groups he founded.

Somos Republicans submits statement to King Islamic terror hearing

Somos Republicans, an organization representing Hispanic Republicans submitted the following statement, which was made part of the record in Rep. Pete King's, R-NY, Homeland Security hearing on Islamic terror this week.

Latino Republicans court GOP defector Hasan

Conservative Latino organization Somos Republicans, which has battled the rise of what it sees as bigoted, big-government positions on immigration among Republican leaders, is courting high-profile Colorado Republican Party defector Muhammed Ali Hasan. The group Monday asked Hasan not to become a Democrat, as he announced he would do last month, but to work with Somos Republicans and its supporters to "change the Republican Party from within."

Anti-illegal immigration ALIPAC breaks with Tancredo over neo-Nazi organizer

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is openly squabbling with former Colorado Congressman and anti-illegal immigration warrior Tom Tancredo over white-power associations ALIPAC says are tainting efforts to organize rallies in support of Arizona's tough new immigration law.

Talk-radio’s Boyles broadcasting from D.C. anti-illegal immigrant rally

KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles is in Washington this week taking part in an anti-illegal immigration "lobby days" hosted by Federation for Immigration...

Polis: Wilson outburst boosted momentum for health-reform plan

Outside a noon pro-immigration prayer vigil on Capitol Hill, Colorado's Second District Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis said that South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson’s...

NYT: Obama to push for immigration reform; hate groups riled up

Proving yet again that the president can (and should) walk and chew gum at the same time, Barack Obama is poised to announce a debate next month on creating a legal path for undocumented immigrants to become citizens. In the brief story published Wednesday, the New York Times dutifully records opposing arguments that the White House should be solely focused on the economy and health care reform (and energy and the wars and foreign policy and natural disasters and the NCAA brackets and ...). Unfortunately, the reporting is marred by the Gray Lady's insistence on citing anti-immigration groups that have been repeatedly discredited as hate groups.
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