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Report: Ryan budget would cost Colorado billions in healthcare cuts

A report issued Tuesday by healthcare advocacy group Families USA illustrates how the Ryan budget, passed recently in the U.S. House on a mostly partisan vote, could cost Colorado up to $36 billion over the next decade.

Ryan plan would hit Colorado hard, according to advocacy group

If enacted, the Ryan Medicare plan could result in significant cuts to health programs in Colorado. The proposal, titled “The Path to Prosperity,” was introduced in April by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). The plan would overturn the Affordable Care Act and make considerable changes to both Medicare and Medicaid.

Report: Health insurance reform could provide coverage to half a million...

A report released this week by Families USA, a nonprofit promoting greater health care access, predicts that the Senate Patient Protection and Affordable Care...

Free-market competition has been ‘reforming’ health care for decades

As the Obama administration appears ever-more willing to accept a health-reform plan absent a government-backed insurance option, it’s worth noting how well competition within...

UPDATED:Health Care Reform Needs Leaders, Not Apologists

As the U.S. government announced that health care spending topped $2 trillion in 2006, the Colorado General Assembly announced that it will take several...
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