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Thunderdome 2015: Teen-pregnancy science vs. confusion

“Thunderdome 2015” is The Colorado Independent's wrap-up series on the 2015 legislative season. For a series overview, check out “Thunderdome 2015: 120 days under the...

Abortion clinic regulations rejected in Colorado

"I don't understand the point of the ultrasound requirement other than to somehow guilt a woman into changing her mind."

Pro-life Musgrave group attacks Obama for rescuing NH family-planning services

Anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List this week launched a video campaign against President Obama based on the administration's move to shore up family planning services in New Hampshire. Social conservatives on the state's executive council earlier stripped $1.8 million in federal funding from Planned Parenthood affiliates there. New Hampshire officials informed the Obama administration that, in failing to provide key women's health services, the state was violating federal law.

Perry criticized by family-planning friends and foes on Texas funding, HPV...

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the lobbying arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), has launched a campaign targeting Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has been pegged by many media outlets as the current leader in the race for the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential election.

As president, Ron Paul would veto funding for Planned Parenthood and...

GOP presidential contender Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has taken a further step proving his anti-abortion-rights commitment since signing the Susan B. Anthony List’s “2012 Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge.”

Preventive reproductive health care pays off

This year is the 55th birthday of the birth control pill. It is also 44 years since the U.S. Supreme Court decriminalized birth control in Griswold v. Connecticut. Yet, debates over family planning and contraception are alive and widespread. Coloradans witnessed this first hand last fall when the "personhood" amendment that could have re-criminalized birth control in the state was defeated. Similar measures have already been introduced in seven other states so far this year.

No Windfall Likely For Family Planning Clinics

Gov. Ritter's plan to restore the family planning funds cut under Bill Owens might be well-intentioned, but clinics probably won't see a dime unless...

Ritter Could Restore Family Planning Funding

The director of Boulder Valley Women's Health Center is hoping a change in the governorship will bring a change in state funding for her...

Abstinence Advocate Chosen For Family Planning Post

President Bush has chosen a longtime abstinence-only advocate to head the office that oversees federal funding for birth control, pregnancy tests, counseling and STD...
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