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US Supreme Court to Colorado think tank: Disclose your donors or...

  The nation's highest court on Monday upheld a lower court’s money-in-politics ruling in a case out of Colorado that requires groups to disclose who...

Wiretap: FEC head: Dysfunction reigns, election rules won’t be enforced

Election defection The head of the Federal Election Commission bears bad news: “The likelihood of the laws being enforced is slim,” Ann M. Ravel, the...

Democrat takes fundraising lead in Colorado Springs

  IN the deeply red 5th congressional district, it’s Democratic challenger Irv Halter who has the fundraising edge over Republican incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn. New FEC...

Udall sponsors campaign finance transparency bill ahead of big-money race

U.S. Senator Mark Udall has signed on as sponsor for the DISCLOSE Act, even as he is engaged in a pricey race against Republican upstart Congressman Cory Gardner that could decide the balance of the nation's now-Democrat-controlled upper legislative chamber.

Documents suggest Rove, Norquist groups played beyond campaign finance limits

On its 2012 tax return, GOP strategist Karl Rove's dark money behemoth Crossroads GPS justified its status as a tax-exempt social welfare group in part by citing its grants of $35 million to other similarly aligned nonprofits.

Bennet calls for greater transparency in election spending

Voters deserve to know who is paying for political advertisements, Colorado Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and 10 other senators wrote Tuesday in a letter to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

FEC asked to investigate Perry campaign

Campaign watchdog groups are asking the Federal Election Commission to investigate Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s campaign committee, web site (RickPerry.org) and pro-Perry Super PAC “Make Us Great Again” for possible violations of campaign finance law.

Gardner nets $370,000 in third quarter, leans heavily again on oil...

Still more than a year from Election Day, Colorado Fourth District Republican Congressman Cory Gardner today reported to the Federal Election Commission that he hauled down a whopping $371,312 over the last three months. That tops his second-quarter take by more than $70,000 to bring his total this year to $896,176. Roughly 12 percent of Gardner's donations this quarter came from oil and gas companies or individuals and organizations tied to the oil and gas industry.

Citizens United case continues its march to thwart campaign finance restrictions

Campaign finance spending will exceed $6 billion this year, and one man deserves a fair amount of the credit — election lawyer James Bopp, architect of the infamous Citizens United Supreme Court case and ideological crusader against state-based campaign finance laws that limit corporate expenditure, as The Texas Independent recently reported.

Citizens United gets the Story of Stuff treatment

With her 20 minute "Story of Stuff" web-video, Annie Leonard explained some of the downside of consumerism to a lot of Americans. Now with her "Story of Citizens United" video, she explains why she and many others believe the corporate personhood extended by the 2010 Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court decision threatens the U.S. democratic system of government. She calls on Americans to pass a Constitutional Amendment clarifying that the First Amendment granting the right to free expression is not meant to include corporations.
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