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Wiretap: Trump lays out his defense-heavy budget, and the fight (GOP...

Donald Trump has sounded the alarm, and Congress has to listen this time. He has made a preliminary budget request for a huge increase...

VIDEO: Senator Michael Bennet joins Rep. Paul Ryan on CNBC debt...

What do Michael Bennet and Paul Ryan have in common? Both participated Tuesday in a conference hosted by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget entitled “The Debt Ceiling, Fiscal Plans, and Market Jitters: Where Do We Go from Here?”

Bennet on Weekend Edition: Raise the debt ceiling

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, appearing on NPR's Weekend Edition, said that while agrees that the federal government has to cut spending, it also has to raise the debt ceiling to avoid defaulting on its loans.

Sen. Harkin: ‘Take Medicare off the table’ in debt-ceiling debate

Congressional Republicans need to “take Medicare off the table” and deal directly with the nation’s debt-ceiling, U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said Friday.

Senate rejects Ryan budget plan

The Senate Wednesday voted against the U.S. House of Representatives budget proposal for the 2012 fiscal year, 40-57. The House bill was sponsored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)

VIDEO: Perlmutter defends Medicare in floor speech

Congressman Ed Perlmutter yesterday told House Republicans to back off efforts to reorganize Medicare. He said Medicare has helped millions of older Americans and is not the reason the the country is running a deficit.

New poll shows a thoroughly mixed-up America

A new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News reveals mixed messages from the American public over the country’s budget crisis. With regard to fixing the federal deficit, trust in congressional Republicans edged out trust in President Obama by a slight margin, but on the issues, those polled were supportive of Obama proposals while rejecting Republican cuts.

Former Social Security recipient Paul Ryan called out for proposed cuts...

PoliticsUSA points out that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), whose 2012 budget proposal (PDF) presents significant cuts and alterations to welfare programs, put himself through college using, in part, Social Security benefits he received following the death of his father.

IMF chief has gloomy outlook on America’s economy, endorses Obama approach

This week’s report that the S&P index has cut its outlook on America’s credit future from “stable” to “negative” was clouded by questions of the index’s credibility. But a more objective voice has entered the fray to underscore the S&P’s analysis.

Anti-abortion rights group targets ‘pro-life’ senators who voted to continue funding...

As it turned out, Planned Parenthood did not lose federal funding for family planning and reproductive services in the federal budget for fiscal year 2011 passed Thursday by Congress — and in retaliation, the Susan B. Anthony List announced Friday that it is launching a campaign to target senators who voted for the budget bill.
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