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Wiretap: We know Neil Gorsuch is Trump’s pick for the Supreme...

There is no such thing anymore as a non-controversial Supreme Court pick. And Neil Gorsuch, darling of the conservative judicial establishment, is no exception....

Watch Colorado U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s floor speech on guns

Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, up for re-election in Colorado this fall, joined 30 of his Democratic colleagues in D.C. for a filibuster about gun laws yesterday...

Wiretap: Marco Rubio’s rocky road ahead

Dueling buddies Neither Jeb Bush nor Marco Rubio is comfortable attacking the other. But this is apparently what happens when friends run against each other...

Wiretap: Knocking out the Patriot Act – at least for now

Taking credit Rand Paul declares short-term victory on the Patriot Act. The victory may last only a few days, but it has earned him the...

Littwin: Good riddance, Senate filibuster

  The filibuster is not quite dead. As Miracle Max would explain, it's just mostly dead. But excuse me if I don't weep in either case. If...

Wiretap: Legalizing it

It's not only Colorado that's dealing with the difficulties involved in turning pot legal. The New Yorker goes to Washington state to see how they're handling it. Expert says that, in the short term, you need more legal enforcement, not less.

Wiretap: Abortion bans and filibusters

When politicians tell you that their position on abortion doesn't matter, you might want to suggest that they take a look at the headlines.

What was that something Ted Cruz just finished doing in the...

Am I confused? The Senate voted 100-0 to pick up debate. That's 21 hours, 19 minutes to get exactly no votes.

Defund fail: A Capitol Hill strategy Colorado’s Frank McNulty can endorse

Right now U.S. Senate Republicans are strategizing on how to get Democrats to help them defund Obamacare. Observers have been calling the plan "desperate," which doesn't quite get at its quixotic nature.

As legislative session ticks rapidly down, Colorado redistricting bills move forward

DENVER-- It's closing time. The swing-state Colorado legislature has one day left in the regular session this year for Republicans and Democrats to come together and deliver a congressional redistricting plan to the governor. The Republican-controlled House managed to pass its version onto the Senate this morning and, after a stop-and-start filibuster that stretched into the wee hours last night, the Democratic-controlled Senate today moved its version forward for a final reading.
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