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Twitter allows Iranian protests to continue, free speech questions arise

Twitter is facilitating democracy in Iran! The media is reveling in the idea that the tiny communication technology is calling forth democracy in one prong of the "Axis of Evil," accomplishing in mere days in Iran what our military failed to accomplish for years next door in Iraq. These events beg a question some analysts have been asking since the dawn of the so-called new economy, when the internet and digital communications became integrated with the for-profit privately held universe. The question goes something like: Who will guarantee free expression now that we depend on businesses to transmit those expressions?

UPDATED: School district says suspended student’s anti-Obama shirt caused ‘disruption’

An Aurora fifth-grader was "screaming and loudly arguing" with other students on the playground last Thursday in a dispute over a handmade anti-Obama T-shirt that led to the student's suspension, according to a statement issued Tuesday by the Aurora Public Schools district. The boy's sister wore a similar shirt at the school the same day and "did not disrupt learning," the statement said.

Aurora fifth-grader suspended over anti-Obama T-shirt

The father of an Aurora fifth-grader said Monday he plans to sue after school officials suspended the youth last week when he wouldn't remove a home-made T-shirt reading "Obama a terrorist's best friend." "It's the public school system," Dann Dalton told Fox31 News, "let's be honest, it's full of liberal loons."
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