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Buck and Norton vie for voter trust in first face off

COLORADO SPRINGS-- GOP U.S. Senate candidates Ken Buck and Jane Norton went head to head Tuesday night here after weeks of heated and sometimes ugly primary campaigning. The event drew roughly 400 conservative and tea party activists. The crowd hooted and hollered throughout the debate, cheering on the anti-Washington anti-government sentiments expressed by the candidates on stage.

GOP deficit crusade opposed by fiscal hawks

WASHINGTON-- Sen. Jim Bunning’s (R-Ky.) recent one-man stand against legislation extending unemployment benefits offered a high-profile airing of a popular GOP message: Deficit spending, in almost any form, will cause more harm than good to a fragile economy. Standing in the way of the Republicans’ reasoning, however, has been another formidable group: budget experts.

Gardner tweaks ‘2010 Plan,’ cools nuclear enthusiasm

State Representative and Fourth-District Congressional candidate Cory Gardner yesterday posted the policy prescription he calls his "2010 Plan" online. He had been touting the...

‘We’re Screwed,’ GOP Panelists Agree

Bush has failed and the Republican Party is divided, in ruins and with little hope for the next election cycle -- all according to...
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