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Romney’s shaky record on abortion draws attack from left and right

As Saturday's South Carolina primary voting draws close, presidential candidate Mitt Romney is being savaged on the right for his shifting stance on abortion, just as he was savaged months ago on the left for his shifting stance on abortion.

Buck flip-flops, agrees there is ‘a lot of truth’ in Tancredo...

DENVER - Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Ken Buck Saturday flip-flopped on statements made Thursday by former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo that Barack Obama is the greatest danger to the United States, now claiming Tancredo's comments had a lot of truth to them.

Hickenlooper denies flip-flopping on oil and gas drilling regulations

DENVER - Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper Wednesday responded to accusations of flip-flopping on oil and gas regulations first made at a tea party rally in Estes Park Tuesday by potential Republican opponent Scott McInnis. Hickenlooper said that while he has said some of the rules enacted in the spring of 2009 went too far, he has never said he planned to change those rules.
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