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Will Gitmo terrorists bring extra funding for federal prisons?

Erin Rosa at her fab new immigration blog, Gabacha.com, makes a very prescient point riding under the radar in the political pundit gabbing about transferring GuantanĂ¡mo detainees to federal Supermax prisons.
While the guards are up to the task and are confident in their abilities to get the job done, there also needs to be additional funding to the facility in order the guarantee the safety of not only the workers, but also the inmates that would be transferred there.

Prison riot revelations spark calls for transparency

The federal government needs to be more transparent in providing local communities with information about the violent incidents that occur in Colorado prisons. That's the message from public officials reacting to recent news that a prison in the state has been on lockdown status since August, just months after a violent yard riot in April left two inmates dead.

Warden gets national award months after deadly Colorado prison riot

Three months after a deadly Florence penitentiary yard riot that left two inmates dead, prison warden Sara Revell was given an annual Excellence in Prison Management award by the the federal Bureau of Prisons. The discovery comes after it was reported by The Colorado Independent on Thursday that the same high-security penitentiary has been on lockdown since early August due to a violent inmate-on-inmate assault.

Colorado prison on lockdown, months after deadly riot

U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar demanded this week that the federal Bureau of Prisons release details of its investigation into a Florence penitentiary yard riot that left two inmates dead more than five months ago, but the bureau is claiming that investigation is not yet completed. Meanwhile, the same prison has been on lockdown status since early August after an inmate-on-inmate assault.

Salazar demands answers on Florence prison riot

Today U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar called for the federal Bureau of Prisons to publicly disclose the results of an investigation into a deadly April riot at a Florence penitentiary that left two inmates dead.

Federal Prison Riot A Long Time Coming, Guards Say

At least two inmates have died as a result of a massive riot that occurred Sunday at a federal government penitentiary in Florence. The...

Federal Prison Melee Was About Race, Sources Say

UPDATE 3: The Bureau of Prisons has denied that a third inmate was killed in the riot, and says two inmates remaining in the...

No Quick Fix For Federal Prisons Budget Crisis

Lawmakers have already approved $109 million to combat a budget crisis at the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), according to documentation obtained by Colorado...

Union Blames Lack of Staffing Funds for Federal Prison Budget...

UPDATE: The Bureau of Prisons has released a statement confirming a budget shortfall. More after the fold. The federal Bureau of Prisons is facing a...

Government Speaks On Supermax

The federal Bureau of Prisons responds to Colorado Confidential's Inside Supermax series, and confirms the hiring of a new statistics analyst.The United States Penitentiary...
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