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Bennet, Gardner and Coffman reject Obama’s Gitmo plans

Members of arrollolorado's congressional delegation were swift to respond to President Barack Obama's case he delivered this morning to close the detention facility at Guantanamo...

GOP forces Obama’s Gitmo shutdown plans into 2016 debate

Sen. Cory Gardner sent a letter to President Barack Obama Tuesday demanding that the Department of Defense drop any plans to transfer detainees from the Guantanamo...

ADX prisoner remained hogtied for hours after death

Officials kept the lifeless body shackled for hours even when they moved it to the hospital in Cañon City and waited for the coroner to officially declare it dead, even after the coroner's repeat requests to just please remove the chains.

USDA provides $1 million in stimulus grants for biomass projects

Four Colorado projects that convert wood waste, or biomass, into energy received a total of $1 million in federal stimulus funds Thursday, but a state with more than two million acres of dead and dying lodgepole pine forests could use a lot more.

Will Gitmo terrorists bring extra funding for federal prisons?

Erin Rosa at her fab new immigration blog, Gabacha.com, makes a very prescient point riding under the radar in the political pundit gabbing about transferring Guantanámo detainees to federal Supermax prisons.
While the guards are up to the task and are confident in their abilities to get the job done, there also needs to be additional funding to the facility in order the guarantee the safety of not only the workers, but also the inmates that would be transferred there.

More reports of violence point to ailing federal prison system

Deadly assaults in federal penitentiaries are on the rise and they aren't exclusive to Colorado. Following reports that an inmate was stabbed to death in August at the U.S. Penitentiary in the southern city of Florence, there is news from another federal lockup that a guard was assaulted and stabbed multiple times this month, lending credence to correctional workers' claims that the entire system is an understaffed tinderbox.

Rosa Wins National Journalism Nod for Supermax Investigative Series

Colorado Confidential's own Erin Rosa was tapped with a rare honorable mention award by the Newspaper Guild-CWA's David S. Barr Award -- only the...

Before Prison Riot: A Warning Of Rising Inmate Violence, Staffing Woes

Less than a month before a riot at a federal penitentiary in Florence over the weekend left two inmates dead, an official with the...

Federal Prison Riot A Long Time Coming, Guards Say

At least two inmates have died as a result of a massive riot that occurred Sunday at a federal government penitentiary in Florence. The...

Federal Prison Melee Was About Race, Sources Say

UPDATE 3: The Bureau of Prisons has denied that a third inmate was killed in the riot, and says two inmates remaining in the...
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