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More people, less water? Fewer Coloradans seem to care

Coloradans are more concerned about water quality than about water supplies, and their awareness of the state’s looming water shortage has fallen sharply in...

Is Colorado still a battleground state? Top pollster and analyst says...

This week, one of Colorado’s most quotable pollsters and political analysts dropped a bomb. “Colorado is no longer a battleground state,” wrote Floyd Ciruli on...

Get Them All Out: Colorado Dems bet big on ground game

  TEN miles west of Denver, Shawna Fritzler’s upper-middle-class development blooms on a rural two-lane road peppered by occasional crumbling farmhouses. This conservative hamlet in...

Hot-button immigration issues mostly a 2010 campaign distraction

While serious discussion of immigration policy reform has been generally avoided for the past year, the politics of immigration have weaved their way through the health care debate as a pet topic on the right, spurring some of the most heated exchanges in blog comment threads, at town hall meetings and, of course, in a joint session of Congress in September, when South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson broke U.S. House decorum by shouting out "you lie" and waving a finger at President Obama for denying that national health care legislation would provide free coverage for illegal immigrants.

Colorado’s major stimulus dividends to come

In a story on Obama's first 100 days, Market Watch quotes Colorado pollster Floyd Ciruli, who says Obama's high marks are "mostly for effort so far." "There's no sense in Colorado that there's economic payoff." But a quick scan of the Web today suggest it's only a matter of time before Colorado begins to feel the effects of the attention the Obama Administration has been lavishing on the state.

Pollster says Colorado not so Blue after all, despite shift to...

Despite sweeping electoral victories and dramatic shifts in party registration, Colorado hasn't really shifted allegiance to the ruling Democrats, pollster Floyd Ciruli told a gathering of the state's county commissioners Wednesday. "People are saying, 'Go ahead, we'll give you a year or two.' And then they might pull the franchise if it doesn't work out," Ciruli told a gathering of Colorado Counties, Inc., according to Politics West's John Ingold.
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