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Ritter thanks Congress for FMAP extension; Lamborn derides the act

Governor Ritter issued a statement this morning that applauded Congress and the White House for passing a six-month extension to the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage for states as part of H.R.1586 - Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act today. The funds enhances payouts to states for Medicaid after Medicaid rolls grew in response to the economic downturn and further provide $10 billion to to keep teachers on the job.

Ritter joins governors urging Congress to extend health spending

As part of a desperate bipartisan group consisting of the vast majority of the nation's governors, Bill Ritter called on Congress to pass Federal...

A hidden stimulus in health reform

It’s a nonsensical element of Medicaid’s funding formula that during economic downturns, when state budgets are most squeezed, states are also asked to bear...
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