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On fifth try in five years, Colorado lawmakers move to ban...

Editor's note: House lawmakers on Feb. 19 passed the bill banning sexual orientation conversion therapy for minors by a vote of 42-20. Two Republicans...

Evangelicals pray to end ‘transgender tyranny’ as Girl Scouts and schools...

Conservative evangelicals apparently have lots to pray for these days. Same-sex marriage rights are quickly spreading across the country, Obama declared an International Day Against...

Tony Perkins: Obama’s ‘weapons of sexual radicalism’ hamper Christian anti-poverty efforts

“President Obama took the common goal of helping the poor and used it to drive an even deeper wedge between his administration and people...

Transgender birth certificate bill crashes against anti-gay lobby

DENVER — “Like many of you, I never met a transgender person, until I met my daughter,” said Ben Taylor, an Australian with wiry...

Friends like these: Focus on the Family pounces on waffling Pence

Indiana Governor Mike Pence has been shaken by the storm of protest the state's new religious freedom bill has generated over the last few...

It’s religious freedom day at the Colorado General Assembly

Despite setbacks, in Colorado, the religious freedom movement shows no sign of flagging.

Statetap: Evangelicals for Ebola; Snoop Dogg for Dunafon

Focus on the Family on Wednesday denounced its talk-radio host's take on Ebola: "It could solve America's problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion."

Gay marriage: No, Colorado is not the next New Jersey

DENVER -- New Jersey moved from same-sex civil unions to gay marriage in a flash. It will be a longer road for Colorado. A 2006 amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage stands in the road like a high hurdle.

Group That Sought ‘Cure’ for Same-Sex Attraction Does an About-Face

Though watchdogs have noted a softening of Chambers’ stance on ex-gay ministry in the last few years, the announcement that the 37-year-old organization is closing still leaves many with questions about how the decision came about, how it will impact the thousands who participated in Exodus-affiliated programs promising a cure for homosexuality, and if the announcement will discredit former partner organizations like Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family.

Same-Sex Celebration: Opening Day in Colorado for Civil Unions

Almost a year ago, Erika Highstead and Sarah Musick rented a party space, dressed in their finest and vowed their commitment to each other in front of a hundred friends.
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