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State Joins Suit against Longmont Fracking Ban

The state of Colorado has joined a lawsuit filed by oil-and-gas companies against the city of Longmont that seeks to lift a ban on fracking passed by citizen initiative there last November.

Longmont ballot initiative fuels debate over fracking

Longmont residents this November will vote on whether or not to ban within city limits the oil and gas drilling technique known as fracking.

Private water companies join forces with fracking interests

Two of the country’s largest private water utility companies are participants in a massive lobbying effort to expand controversial shale gas drilling — a heavy industrial activity that promises to enrich the water companies but may also put drinking water resources at risk.

Bennet urges new meat industry anti-trust regulations, while sustainability advocates look...

Sen. Michael Bennet urged Pres. Barack Obama late last week to finalize and implement rules to even the playing field for small ranchers and chicken farmers in competition with corporate giants in the industry. Sustainable food advocates, who have been traveling the country asking legislators to sign on to similar letters, claimed the senator's move as a minor victory in what they see as a battle between David and Goliath.
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