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Colorado Progressive Coalition plans ‘organized chaos’ against Wells Fargo

Calling themselves "giant killers" the Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC) announced a campaign of "organized chaos" against Wells Fargo Thursday morning for what the group said were the bank's predatory practices and illegal foreclosures.

Warnings escalate on strategic defaulting yet loan modification programs drag

Shahien Nasiripour at the Huffington Post parses a J.P. Morgan filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and notes that the bank, the second...

Growing evidence suggests Wells Fargo targeted blacks for subprime loans

Memphis city officials have filed a lawsuit charging mortgage-loan giant Wells Fargo with discrimination. The New York Times reports: The lawsuit, filed in federal court...

Deck the halls with loan papers: Foreclosure-crisis holiday jingles

Just in time for your holiday listening pleasure, two songs are making their way around the blogosphere, marking another year of falling home prices...

Wells Fargo exec who partied in foreclosed beach house loses job

Well, at least one banking executive is personally feeling the pain of the foreclosure crisis: Wells Fargo has fired a top employee who moved...

Rethinking mortgage cramdown legislation as foreclosures roll on

As The Washington Independent reported yesterday, a small group of Senate Democrats is pushing to revive the mortgage loan cramdown idea — a sure...

Foreclosure crisis worsening; 1.5 million notices in 2009

There’s more proof out today that the foreclosure crisis is only getting worse, despite everything that’s been thrown at it so far: Foreclosure notices...

Foreclosure-reform barely blipping on Obama radar

Multiplying failed mortgages and home foreclosures were at the heart of the global financial meltdown and remain a national socio-economic disaster. So-called "cramdown" legislation...

Renters also hit by foreclosure crisis

Although the plight of homeowners affected by the real estate meltdown has been well-documented, renters have mostly fallen under the radar. Recently passed national legislation includes some renter protections, but tenant advocacy groups charge that the new law only scratches the surface. The number of renters being forced from their homes around the country is on the rise as foreclosures increase.
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