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House Republicans have rift moment; arial firefighting advances

Notes from the 93rd day of the 2014 legislative session.

Senate approves reporting threats to targeted locations; House settles wrangle over...

Notes from the 77th day of the 2014 legislative session.

Ferrandino calls out Gardner on foreclosure legislation claims

State Rep. Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, is questioning whether state Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, is telling the whole story when it comes to his support of foreclosure legislation.

Recovery-busting unemployment and foreclosure crises roil on

The Washington Independent's Annie Lowery today drills into the deep end of the linked unemployment and foreclosure crises, contrasting a story of impending family...

Warnings escalate on strategic defaulting yet loan modification programs drag

Shahien Nasiripour at the Huffington Post parses a J.P. Morgan filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and notes that the bank, the second...

Wall Street Journal: Make like a bank and just walk away...

Of all the interesting tidbits in Brett Arends’ article in The Wall Street Journal about how to decide whether to walk away from your...

Democrats demand relief for still-volatile housing market

WASHINGTON-- One year after the Obama administration launched its $75 billion anti-foreclosure program, the housing market remains volatile, loan modifications have been scant, foreclosures are still sky-high — and more and more lawmakers are wondering why the White House hasn’t been more aggressive in tackling the crisis.

Colorado resort owner Intrawest could lose Whistler ski area during Olympics

Perhaps the biggest event of next month’s Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, won’t be the downhill, or the women’s figure skating finals,...

Foreclosure crisis worsening; 1.5 million notices in 2009

There’s more proof out today that the foreclosure crisis is only getting worse, despite everything that’s been thrown at it so far: Foreclosure notices...
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