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Olbermann features Michigan vote caging scheme report

A GOP plot to disenfranchise Michigan Democratic voters under foreclosure notice by challenging their eligibility to vote continues to draw national outrage. The breaking investigative reports by our sister site, Michigan Messenger, was prominently featured on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann Wednesday. Watch the video and weep for our democracy.

Lose your house, lose your vote

More Election Day shenanigans are revealed by our colleague Eartha Melzer at Michigan Messenger in this breaking news story on the latest dirty disenfranchisement tactic by a Republican operative to challenge voters at the polls on Nov. 4 and how the McCain campaign stands to benefit.

Many mansions vex McCain

John McCain isn't sure how many houses he owns — four? seven? ten? — but the Obama campaign is darn sure McCain's befuddlement will help keep voters from handing him the keys to a certain Pennsylvania Avenue address in Washington. And you can bet the one in 390 homeowners in foreclosure in Colorado have a better grasp than McCain of the number of homes they own — or are in danger of losing.

House Passes Bills to Address Subprime Loan Crisis

One in 33 homeowners will face foreclosure in the next two years because of subprime loans made in 2005 and 2006, according to a...

Tightening Market Offers Silver Lining in Mortgage Crisis

Despite all the gloomy foreclosure news, it's an excellent time to buy a house for some, while an impossible time for others - which...

How Low Can It Go? A New Housing Crisis Emerges

Gov. Bill Ritter today announced a $1.5 million grant to provide free foreclosure prevention counseling services to at-risk homeowners. At the same time, Washington...

Foreclosure Crisis Will Linger, Aurora Residents Told

The Arapahoe County Assessor's Office employs Cherice Kjosness. But she has spent a lot of time lately working around agents from the FBI and...

Easy Colorado Home Money Hard on World Markets

The expression is “Think globally. Act locally.” That’s usually a good thing. But in a wicked twist, it’s now apparent how the actions of...

Dishonest Mortgage Lending Scum

Why does Colorado have the highest foreclosure rates in the nation? One of the important reasons is that it tolerates dishonest mortgage lending scum like...

A Steal at $47 Million

At the same time that Colorado ranks highest on the nation's foreclosure list, the very wealthy continue to pay outrageous amounts for mountain real...
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