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Guest Post: Colorado should build a wall – of nature

If you think it’s bad now, the worst is still to come. In a news report two weeks ago, the Colorado state demographer stated...

In face of cuts, Fort Collins urges Bennet: Protect the EPA

Hundreds of environmental advocates rallied in Fort Collins yesterday on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency. The worried Front Range residents feared cuts to...

Cities can’t ban fracking, Colorado Supreme Court rules

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled today voters cannot enact local fracking bans. The ruling applied to two cases, one over a 2012 ban on fracking...

Fort Collins cops’ FB page is jumping with fish puns

Reporters spend a lot of time writing about the crimes of cops: excessive force, homicides and other miscarriages of justice. The Fort Collins police have engaged...

Colorado Supreme Court weighs legality of city fracking bans

Anti-fracking activists gathered outside the judicial center to demand that the court allow cities to pass fracking bans and moratoriums without state interference --...

Homebrew: No answer for why Aurora SWAT officer killed Naeschylus Vinzant

But why? Two months ago Aurora SWAT Officer Paul Jerothe shot and killed unarmed Naeschylus Vinzant. Police officials and the the Jefferson County DA have so far...

Looking at another soft-focus fracking story from the gas patch

Full disclosure, reinforced steel pipes, food, gardens, kids, toy stores. What’s to worry about?

Denver makes top-ten list of cities with most energy efficient buildings

Denver deserves and even higher ranking. Sure, rankings lists of all kinds may be silly but making urban environments more energy efficient is not silly at all.

Map plots boomtime drilling spills (lots of them) in Colorado

Election season will heat up. The battle for local control over the oil-and gas industry will rage. And drilling will continue at its breakneck pace , which will mean more accidents and spills.

Coloradans eye rulings around country in favor of local fracking bans

BOULDER -- Supporters of local bans on the oil-and-gas drilling process known as fracking celebrated a key high court victory in Pennsylvania last week.