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Denver television gives politics its due

If you watch local TV news in different cities around the country, and we're not suggesting you do so, you see that a small number of stations have political beat reporters, but most do not.

Decrying ‘photocopy journalism’, news watchdog spotlights Denver TV station merger

The sprawling greater-Denver metro region is in news-media crisis. In the information age, when there seems to be more and more to know, there is less and less being reported by the diminishing number of local mainstream news outlets here. So it comes as little surprise that media watchdog organization FreePress this week is highlighting the Denver news market as a negative example for the nation. The organization reports that, on top of shrinking newspaper reporting, the local TV news market is host to a "severe" form of the kind of sly consolidation that media corporations have been effecting across the country for nearly a decade. FreePress says this "covert consolidation," where direct ownership is never transferred, is gaining momentum and that it skirts federal ownership laws and erodes market variety and competition.

Colorado teen marijuana case attracts more TV coverage; district says hands...

A Colorado Springs school district spokesperson told the Colorado Independent this morning that the district's hands are tied by state law in terms of how it handles the case of a student with a prescription for medical marijuana.

Fox 21 erred in reporting Buck held ‘U.S. Senate unity rally’

Fox 21 reported Monday that Ken Buck held a “U.S. Senate unity rally” Monday night in Colorado Springs. But Buck spokesman Owen Loftus told...

Ex-Bolivian President On Fox 31 Show Bars Tough Questions

You're a former South American head of state who has been exiled by a popular uprising. You have been accused of murder by various...

Fox 31 Report Angers Stoners, Pot Supporters

The story lasted only a few minutes and was placed at the end of an hour-long evening news broadcast on Denver's Fox 31 channel....
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