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Mike Littwin and Greg Brophy on Tuesday’s GOP debate

Mike Littwin 9:31 I think I said somewhere near the middle of the debate that this was the Ben's best debate, defending himself on his, uh,...

Wiretap: Robert Gates loves and/or hates Barack Obama

If you like to read about longreads, i.e., books, we got two on tap. One is the Defense Secretary Robert Gates autobiography. The other is a new guns-blazing bio on Fox News big man Roger Ailes.

Wiretap: Dinner with your favorite Fox News watchers

You're going home for Christmas (don't say holiday) and Dad is a Fox News-watching, climate-change denier. You shouldn't argue with him. You can't help yourself. Be prepared.

Littwin: And the freedom fighters roared

The crackup is coming. You don't have to be a political genius to spot it. Everyone knew it was coming eventually. The only surprise is that the fault lines are moving so quickly.

Chieftain Newsroom Execs Sign Giron Recall Petitions, Blasted for ‘Ethics Conflict’

In the storm of passions that erupted this spring in Colorado around proposed state gun-control laws, The Pueblo Chieftain made little attempt to hide its opposition and blasted Pueblo Democratic Senator Angela Giron for supporting the measures.

VIDEO: Fox News focuses on potential layoffs in Colorado if wind...

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., went on Fox News today to once again advocate for the extension of the wind production tax credit.

Pacific Institute hands out Climate B.S. of the Year Awards; Koch...

Al Gore made headlines when he called B.S. on climate change deniers in Aspen over the summer, and now the Pacific Institute is doing the same. But this time B.S. stands for “bad science.”

Tea Party king Erickson grits teeth, concedes Occupy movement basically right

First came the broke unemployed drummers and poets, then the debt-ridden students, then the retired couples whose pensions and real estate holdings have withered, then the tourists, then, slowly, the journalists. on Friday, the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has been thrumming along gathering force and supporters across the country and around the world for more than a month now, won a reluctant endorsement from a chief critic, Tea Party blog king Erick Erickson at Red State.

Iowan to Fox News: Bachmann’s behavior made folks ‘kinda pissed’

Complaints surrounding the way U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann‘s campaign has conducted itself are no big secret in the Hawkeye State, but it appears even Fox News is learning that some Iowans are none too happy with the degradation of the state’s historic retail politics.

Glenn Beck wrapping up at Fox, plans to save world at...

Glenn Beck, one-time shock jock now wildly emotive and popular TV political conspiracy theorist, is airing his last regular show on the Fox network tonight. He plans to stride from the Fox studio after his nightly show to the home of his new "GBTV" outlet to do a post-Fox interview-- not with any media talking head but with regular people who will participate in a live Q&A. To hear GB talk about his new venture, it's going to be typically low key and free of grandiose aspirations. "It's the end of an era and the beginning of the future," as Beck puts it. "We're five years ahead on this.... You're going to have to think about this outside the box. There is no box that could fit this." GBTV will be an alternative to the U.S. government, a place where you can "get involved and turn ideas into action" and begin to "turn the country around" and finally "move forward and find real solutions."
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