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Green shareholders push Williams, Exxon to clear air on hydraulic fracturing

Green investor groups are pushing some of the nation’s largest natural gas drilling companies to come clean on hydraulic fracturing, a process that injects...

Kerry-Lieberman climate bill calls for disclosure of fracking chemicals

The Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act - climate change legislation at long last introduced in the U.S. Senate Wednesday - calls on oil and gas service companies like Halliburton to divulge chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing of natural gas wells.

EPA to study hydraulic fracturing, but calls for FRAC Act continue

Backers of the controversial FRAC (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals) Act, including co-sponsor Diana DeGette (D-Denver), were quick to caution Thursday that a...

Green investors target financial risks of hydraulic fracturing of gas wells

Green investment groups representing shareholders in the cleaner-than-coal natural gas industry are pressuring the nation’s major drilling companies to come clean on the process...

ProPublica report: state oil and gas enforcement staffing levels inadequate

Colorado oil and gas regulators have admitted to the Colorado Independent they’re spread too thin to handle a new set of EPA rules if...

NYC watershed report bolsters case for DeGette FRAC Act

New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection last week issued a report that casts serious doubts on the common natural gas drilling process of...

Frack-fluid tagging part of model Grand Junction, Palisade watershed plan

Using chemical tracers to make sure hydraulic fracturing fluids aren’t contaminating groundwater supplies may be off the radar of Colorado officials who regulate the state’s natural gas industry, but the concept is contained in what could be a precedent-setting watershed plan crafted by the cities of Grand Junction and Palisade.

New COGA chief comes with enviro permitting background in drilling

Regime change is in the wind for the Colorado oil and gas trade association, which apparently has been conflicted for a while now. The...

State regulators dismiss frack-fluid ID-tagging proposal

Environmental activists are calling on Colorado officials to require oil and gas companies to chemically tag the fluids used in hydraulic fracturing, an increasingly controversial natural gas drilling process. Many suspect that "fracking" may be contaminating ground water and chemical tags would make it possible for regulators to identify the source of any contamination. The idea is a hot topic among those favoring increased federal oversight of the process, but industry officials won’t even discuss the idea, and state regulators say it’s barely on their radar screens.

Lawmaker Curry looks to improve oil and gas audits

State Rep. Kathleen Curry, a Western Slope Democrat who in the past has spearheaded legislation aimed at the state’s oil and gas industry, told the Colorado Independent recently that she's not looking to introduce new regulations this session. Instead, she will seek to strengthen the Mineral Audit Program, which is tasked with making sure the industry is paying all of the taxes it owes to Colorado.
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