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Christian groups Focus on the Family, NOM to host Iowa candidate...

The weekend before thanksgiving, Colorado Springs-based evangelical group Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage will host a Republican presidential candidate forum in Des Moines centered on social issues. Focus on the Family staffer Tom Minnery said the hosts of the event don't plan to "get into theology as such" because there wouldn't be enough time for the candidates to "solve theological questions." Primary campaign frontrunner Mitt Romney, who is Mormon, has yet to commit to the event.

Lunchtime links: Bennet dominates, McInnis worries, McCain waffles

Sen. Michael Bennet is a giant among dwarves. See the pie charts that prove it. Lawyer-lobbyist gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis said he didn't reveal...

Did Jane Norton actually read the Luntz bailout memo?

U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton spoke for about a minute with ABC News Top Line Tuesday about Wall Street financial regulatory legislation, which Republicans...

Forget the noise, spend our tax dollars already!

Awash in the sound and fury of today's anti-tax crusaders -- the refusenik governors, the tea party attendees, the screamers of "socialism," the Ayn Rand-loving libertarians "going Galt," the op-ed writing de facto leaders of the Republican party, the just plain fools -- you would think there was significant disagreement among the U.S. population on the big tax-spending stimulus package. There's not.

The problem with change?

An interesting question was raised Tuesday in a roundtable: What message does the Democratic Party have beyond the mantra, pushed by their current presidential candidate, of “change”?
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