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Wiretap: Spurred by shootings, California lawmakers introduce gun control bill

The legislation "would create a gun violence restraining order, establishing a system where concerned family members and others notify law enforcement of someone demonstrating propensity to commit violence."

Republican LGBT influence will not be tolerated, warns FRC

After being tipped off by a recent Washington Blade article about GOP LGBT groups’ attempts to influence the Republican Party platform at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Family Research Council President Tony Perkins says those groups should expect a fight.

Gary Johnson: ‘Social conservative fringe’ will leave GOP in permanent minority

“There is no majority in America that can be built on hypocrisy and inconsistency,” former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson said Friday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

GOP Presidential candidate files formal complaint alleging Romney illegally registered to...

Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger has filed formal complaints with the Massachusetts Election and Tax board against fellow candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney regarding his residency status. Romney, a Michigan native and successful private sector businessman, started living in Massachusetts in the 1970s, when he began attending Harvard University’s law and business schools.

Left out of first GOP debate, gay candidate Karger pushing forward

Members of the media refer to him as a "stunt candidate." He didn't appear on stage in South Carolina last week for the Republican presidential debate because he failed to hit the required support threshold-- 1 percent in five national polls. He won't pull down financial backing from the conservative oil billionaire Koch brothers, nor win over the far-right readers at the RedState blog. Yet, set against the uninspiring candidacies likely to be waged by the men so far lined up to challenge Barack Obama for the White House, Fred Karger's candidacy could be the most influential, if he stays with it. A moderate conservative former Reagan aide, longtime political consultant and civil rights activist, he is also unabashedly gay-- the first ever openly gay GOP candidate for president.

Freshman Year, the gay marriage episode: Polis versus Chaffetz

Colorado U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is an openly gay Democrat internet millionaire who fights for gay rights. Utah U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz is a...

Sundance to premiere film documenting Mormon push to defeat gay marriage

The Mormon church poured money and effort into the campaign to pass Proposition 8 in California, the initiative that outlawed gay marriage there. Director...

Marriage defenders celebrate victory in New York, await investigation in Maine

The National Organization for Marriage is pouring salt in the wound after the gay marriage defeat in New York with a celebratory fundraiser release...

‘Day Without A Gay’ action to highlight economic, human contributions

Today, gays across Colorado woke up and … called in gay. They will not work, they will not shop, but instead plan to volunteer at their local soup kitchens or collect donations for food banks or signatures for a petition to repeal Proposition 8 in California.

Prop. 8 fallout continues with Mormon campaign cash investigation, ‘Dishonor Roll’

The fallout is still coming down in a big way over California’s Proposition 8 election results. There have been largely symbolic pushbacks over the voter-approved law that strips gay couples from the right to marry each other — like last weekend’s protest in Colorado at the Century Boulder Theater. And there are larger stakes issues at play as well — like an investigation into whether the Mormon Church, which heavily funded the measure, violated state laws by failing to report campaign expenditures.
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