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Poundstone says Maes has yet to repay loan; his financial reports...

Republican Dan Maes, in a recent campaign disclosure, says he refunded a $300 campaign contribution to longtime Republican activist Freda Poundstone. Never mind that nowhere in his disclosures does he claim to have received a campaign contribution from Poundstone.

In guv debate, Tancredo reverses support for anti-tax initiatives

LOVELAND-- In a gubernatorial debate held here Friday by the Northeastern Colorado group Progressive 15, American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo backed away from his earlier support of the "Bad Three" anti-tax ballot initiatives pushed by anti-government crusader Doug Bruce and heavily backed among the state's tea party voters.

Maes fined another $3,000 by Secretary of State for campaign finance...

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office confirmed today that it has levied an additional $3,000 in fines against Republican Dan Maes' campaign for governor. Secretary...

Maes’ repayment of Poundstone draws more campaign finance scrutiny

Last month GOP gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes paid a record $17,500 in fines for violating the state’s campaign finance laws — laws which he has called ridiculous. This month he may have more fines to pay, or in any event more questions to answer. At the top of the list is a $300 check his campaign gave to disgruntled former supporter Freda Poundstone.

WATCH: Maes makes his case on YouTube woodsy home video

Dan Maes, the grassroots tea party candidate for governor of Colorado besieged and rejected by state Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams and Republican leaders...

Poundstone says Maes has ‘no cojones’ over mortgage payment

Republican candidate for Colorado Gov. Dan Maes demanded on KHOW's Peter Boyles Show Monday that host Boyles stop "the nonsense with Freda Poundstone." After...

McInnis mulls dramatic anti-tax ballot initiatives

As Colorado wrestles with an already lean state budget growing leaner by the day -- one that has forced Gov. Bill Ritter to propose repeated controversial cuts to state services this year -- a trio of budget busting anti-tax initiatives is speeding its way to the 2010 ballot. The dramatic nature of the initiatives, which plainly seek to shrink state government, and their timing, coming as they do amid an historic budget crisis, has sparked high media interest and political buzz.

Budget-busting initiative backer doesn’t yield on questionable ballot language

Jeff Gross, author of a budget-gutting ballot initiative, has refused to address any questions posed by state reviewers, including how its proposed tax amounts could even pay for the cost of collecting them. With the final version of the initiative unchanged, the riddle will be left for voters to contemplate on Election Day -- should it be approved for the ballot.

Ex-lobbyist Poundstone pushes anti-tax state ballot initiative

According to firebrand former Colorado lobbyist Freda Poundstone, "People voted for [Barack] Obama because they're desperate and want change." And to Poundstone, the change Colorado needs comes in the form of a ballot initiative she's co-sponsoring that would drastically limit state revenue by slashing taxes and fees. The plan, which is making its way through the review process on its way to the 2010 ballot, stands in stark opposition to the stimulus-spending mantra coming out of Washington, D.C.
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