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Wiretap: A hospital forbids a doctor from publicly defending abortion. She...

Gag order A Washington doctor, who charged that her hospital has violated her rights by forbidding her to speak publicly in defense of abortions after...

CSU newspaper wins election-season battle against Clerk Myers

  The newspapers have been returned to their boxes. Larimer County Republican Clerk Angela Myers says she thought the law around electioneering material and polling...

Colorado AG joins anti-Obamacare birth control case

Suthers is siding with the craft store corporation Hobby Lobby, arguing that the mandate trammels the constitutional religious freedom rights.

Debate Over Guns, Morse Recall Mired in Cyber Censorship

With just weeks to go before the tightest gun controls in the West take effect — required background checks on firearms, with performance fee paid by the buyer or seller and a ban on high-capacity magazines — Morse’s potential recall from his El Paso County District seat has made Colorado a political battleground for a nationwide debate. Much the fight taking place in cyberspace isn’t just about who gets guns, but also who’s getting heard.
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