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King doubles down on Obama as racist, mocks Gardner as spineless

Iowa Congressman Steve King came to Colorado this weekend and, in appearances on the ground and on the radio, rallied support for Arizona's controversial immigration laws and reinforced an argument he made earlier in the week that President Obama is a racist. At a small gathering in Loveland on Saturday, he said Obama had placed race at the center of the debate over immigration as a way to invalidate Arizona's new laws.

Who is Steve King, the man Gardner disinvited to a fundraiser...

Steve King is an Iowa Republican Congressman. He was scheduled to host a $100 a plate fundraiser for Fourth Congressional District GOP candidate Cory...

Upside-down Watergate: O’Keefe was always the break-in phone-tapper, not the journalist

No one knows what a journalist is anymore and maybe that's good. But when thirty-one lawmakers on one side of the aisle in Congress...
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