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Bye bye cowboy diplomacy

I would go listen to former Colorado Senator Gary Hart give a lecture on just about anything, even sea slugs, but I don't think my editors would let me write about it. Luckily, today the Obama campaign hosted a "round table" with Hart and Congressman Ed Perlmutter on national security, a more palatable topic for a political column. Hart has become something of a well respected elder statesman and Perlmutter has quickly established himself as one of our delegations go-to guys on the issue, so you can imagine that as a former Military Legislative Assistant I really enjoyed this forum.

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Palin rehashes nom speech, lashes out at Wall Street

In her second solo campaign appearance in the Lower 48, Sarah Palin revved up a crowd at an indoor rodeo in Golden with well-worn excerpts from her acceptance speech and fresh applause lines about the banking crisis that dominated the news Monday morning.
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